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Mortgage and Counterpart: Honington


Indenture of Mortgage and Counterpart between John Smith Parker of Lincoln's Inn of the first part, Sir Henry John Parker of Honington, Bart., of the second part and Henry Beeston of Cogges, co. Oxon., of the third part (reciting ER3/1993, being a settlement upon the marriage of Hugh Parker, son of Sir Henry Parker with Ann Smith, and reciting that there were issue of the marriage, the said Sir Henry John Parker, Hugh Parker, John Smith Parker, Hyde Parker, Margaret Parker, Ann Parker and Sophia Parker, and that Hugh Parker the elder, by his Will dated 25 December 1712, appointed a sum of £8,000 to provide portions for his six younger children, and reciting that John Smith Parker had attained the age of 21 years), whereby it was witnessed that John Smith Parker, in consideration of £500 paid him by Henry Beeston in part satisfaction of his portion of the said sum of £8,000, with the consent of Sir Henry John Parker, released to Henry Beeston all his interest in the said settlement with a proviso for redemption of the said interest by Sir Henry John Parker upon repayment of the said sum with interest. Witnesses: William Talbot, John Tay, Joseph Hunt senior Joseph Hunt junior, William Sherman and Peter Harvey.

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