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Abstract of Title: Old Stratford, Welcombe and Bishopton


13 October 1705 to January 1760 Abstract of title to land in Old Stratford, Welcombe and Bishopton, commencing with an indenture, dated 13 October 1705, between John Paine of Chipping Norton, co. Oxford, apothecary, and Edward Staples of Alveston, yeoman, of the first part, John Smart of Clifford Chambers, gent., and Arthur Fletcher, gent., and Grace his wife of the second part, Mary, Susannah, and Catherine Smart of Westminster, spinsters, John Randhall of Gaydon, yeoman, and Elizabeth his wife and Ann Smart and Hannah Smart of Westminster, spinsters, of the third part and John Yearwood of Burton Dassett of the fourth part and ending with an indenture of fine dated in Hilary term 33 George II between John Keen, plaintiff and Thomas Randall and Ann his wife and Ann Smart, spinster, deforciants. (ff.1-81[?]) 13 July 1719 to 3 February 1764 As to other lands in the same places, commencing with an extract from the will, dated 13 July 1719, of Richard Loach of London, gent., whereby he bequeathed unto his kinsman William Loach, the above lands, and ending with a conveyance dated 3 February 1764 from Richard Loach to John Keen. (ff.9-17) 24 January 1710 to 4 April 1770 As to lands in Stratford field, commencing with the will, dated 24 January 1710, of Adam Gibbs of Clopton in the parish of Old Stratford, yeoman, and ending with a conveyance dated 4 April 1770, from Henry Bennett to John Keen. (ff. 17-19) 21 January 1775 to 30 December 1809 As to all the above lands, commencing with an award made by the Enclosure Commissioners, and dated 21 January 1775, and ending with an indenture dated 30 December 1809 between Samuel Morris, Joel Morris, Benjamin Riddell, John Nock and Thomas Morris of the first part, Samuel Field of Stratford-upon-Avon, baker of the second part and Joseph Smith of Stratford-upon-Avon, grocer, of the third part.