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Abstract of Title: Hatton, Haseley, Beausale and Shrewley


Abstract of title of Sarah Nelson, widow and administratrix and Henry Perkins and John Morfett, esquires, heirs at law of the late Seth Nelson, esq., to estates in the county of Warwick. As to land in Hatton. Commences with a lease, dated 22 January 23 Henry VII [1508] from Robert Telington, Prior of the House of St. Sepulchre of Warwick, and the convent of the same house granted to John Price of Hatton, of lands etc. in Hatton for 70 years. Ends with a release dated 31 March 1759 by William Welch, gent., eldest son and heir of Robert Welch by Mary his wife, deceased, to Thomas Nelson of Hatton, clerk. As to the estate late Shakespeare's called Longridge in Hatton. Commences with the will of Clement Weale of Hatton, dated last of January 1643/4 [Old style 1644] whereby he devises same to his wife Katherine for life. Ends with an exemplification of a recovery, Michaelmas Term 7 George III [1767] wherein Thomas Nelson was demandant, Thomas Strangeways tenant, and William Shakespeare of Birmingham, baker and Ann his wife vouchees of lands in Hatton. As to an estate in Haseley and Beusale. Commences with lease and release, dated 12 and 13 March 1749 between Randolph Greenway of Thavies Inn, London, esq., and the Reverend John Brown, D.D. and Master of University College Oxford of a messuage etc. Ends with lease and release dated 6 and 7 December 1751 between the said John Brown and Thomas Nelson of Hatton, clerk. As to land in Shrewley. Commences with a lease and release dated 1 and 2 June 1765 between Joseph Eborall of Warwick, gent., and George Morris of Hatton, yeoman. Ends with a bond, dated 26 October 1771 from George Morris to Seth Nelson. As to the Wood Close in Shrewley. Commences with lease and release, dated 30 November and 1 December 1740 between Lawrence Eborall of Shrewley, tanner, and William Ingram of Haseley, innholder. Ends with a bond dated 18 May 1762 from William Ingram to Thomas Nelson.