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Quitclaim: Bridge Street, Stratford-upon-Avon


Quitclaim from Thomas Staffordshyre of Stratford-upon-Avon, John Staffordshire (son and heir of the said Thomas) and Joan his wife, to Thomas Cokessey, knight, George Turnour of Clifford Chambers, John Erle of Ailstone, William Erle of the same place, Thomas Cale, Robert Luscombe, Thomas Tommes, William Wylkys, Henry Tommes, Thomas Roose, William Roose, John Jenkyn, William Fryre, Robert Sale, John Gybbys, Thomas Harryes, and Robert Gybbys of Clifford, of all their right in two tenements in Stratford in 'Brugestrete' [Bridge Street] between the tenement of Richard Bentley on the West, and a certain piece of waste land, formerly Margery Pound's, now Richard Stowe's, on the East part. Dated at Clifford, Saturday after St. Michael the Archangel, 11 Henry VII [1495]. Three seals of red wax, defaced.