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Marriage Settlement: Honington


Indenture of Marriage Settlement dated 7 October 1737, between Joseph Townsend of London of the first part, John Gore of London, esq. and Judith Gore, eldest daughter of the said John Gore, of the second part, and Thomas Drury of the Inner Temple, esq. and John Baker of London, esq. of the third part, whereby Joseph Townsend, in consideration of the intended marriage between him and Judith Gore and of the sum of £4000 to him paid by John Gore as a marriage portion for the said Judith Gore, granted to John Gore, Thomas Drury and John Baker £6900 East India Company stock upon trust to purchase real property and settle the same upon Joseph Townsend for life with remainder to Judith his intended wife if she survived him for her life, with remainder to such children of the intended marriage as the said Joseph Townsend should by deed or will appoint, and in default of appointment to all such children (except the eldest son) equally as tenants in common in tail, with remainder in default of such younger children to the right heirs of Joseph Townsend. Witnesses: Gabriel Leaver of Friday Street and William Newington, his clerk. Endorsed: 7 June 1739: indenture under hands of Messrs. Gore, Drury and Baker, reciting the above sale of £6900 stock and that it had been affected in order to purchase lands in Sussex, which proposed purchase had become void, and acknowledging the receipt and re-investment of the £1200 in £6900 India Stock. Witnesses: William Barbour and Joseph Wilson. See also ER3/2018.

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