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Settlement of land: Clopton, Ingon, Rhyn Clifford and Bridgetown


Settlement of the Clopton estates (as in ER3/612) by Hugh Clopton of the Middle Temple, London, esq., upon his family and descendants with provision for the supply of coats and gowns to the Almspeople every second year, viz: Dating from Lady Day of every second year after his death twelve blue costs of the value of 20 shillings each for twelve Almsmen and twelve blue Gowns of the value of 20 shillings each for twelve Almswomen belonging to the Almshouses shall be provided, upon each of which said coats and gowns shall be affixed a cross of the arms of the Clopton family on the right shoulder, constantly to be worn therewith; the Vicar to be paid 1 guinea to preach a sermon in the Chapel of the said town on 29 May annually commemorating the happiness of the glorious restoration of our constitution in Church and state and also 5 shillings to the clerk, 12 pence each to the Almspeople and to lay out the residue of the £16 in straw hats and aprons for the almswomen. Witnesses: Robert Mease and Edward Allen, clerk to Robert Mease. Signed by Hugh Clopton. Common seal. See also ER3/613.

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