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Mortgage: Honington, Talton, Alderminister, Armscote, Tredington, Newbold-on-Stour, Hampton-in-Arden, Cookham and London


Indenture between Parke Goddard of St. Olave Street, London, esq., and Ann his wife, late Ann Parker, spinster, of the one part and the Right Honourable Mary, Countess of Bradford of the other part (reciting ER3/2009 and ER3/2010 and that the said Countess, with the consent of the said Parke Goddard and An his wife, had lent a further sum of £8950 to Sir Henry John Parker and had paid to the said Parke Goddard and Ann his wife £959 15s 3d in part repayment of their mortgage for £3000, in consideration of them agreeing not to redeem the residue of the same secured to them by ER3/2012 until the said Countess had been satisfied in respect of her first mortgage and another further mortgage, making in all £27950 due from Sir Henry John Parker), whereby it was witnessed that Parke Goddard and Ann his wife for the considerations aforesaid waived the priority of their mortgage for the residue of £3000 to the further mortgage for £8950 by the Countess of Bradford. Witnesses: Joseph Hunt and John Dovey junior.

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