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Attested Copy of Marriage Settlement: Littleworth Farm, Honington


Attested copy of indenture of Marriage Settlement dated 20 April 1816, between Anne Walford of Banbury, spinster of the first part, the Reverend Thomas William Lancaster of Banbury, clerk of the second part, Henry Walford of Bicester, gent. and James Wake Golby of Banbury, gent. of the third part (reciting ER3/2154), whereby it was witnessed that, in consideration of the marriage intended between Anne Walford and Thomas William Lancaster, they, the said Henry Walford and James Wake Golby, agreed to hold the proceeds of sale of the property referred to in ER3/2154, upon trust to invest the same and apply the dividends thereof, or rents accruing until such sale, to such persons as Anne Walford should during the joint lives of Anne Walford and Thomas William Lancaster appoint, and, in default of such appointment, to Anne Walford for her separate estate and after her death to Thomas William Lancaster for life, and thereafter to the issue of the marriage and their children, and, in default of any issue born within ten years from the date of solemnisation of the marriage, or being such should die within that space, in trust for Anne Walford and Thomas William Lancaster to purchase an annuity for their lives. Witnesses: Harry Davis and William Walford. Attested, 8 April 1844, by James Bettelley and George Gardner, clerks to Messrs. Walford and Beesley of Banbury.

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