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Kingshill in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Feoffment from Arthur Gregory of Stivechale, esq., to the most noble Henry Earl of Huntingdon, Robert Dymoke, Ralph Segrave, John Gregory and Ralph Rydgeley, esquires, of all manors, lands, tenements, rents, reversions, services, views of frankpledge, franchises, jurisdictions, royalties and all his hereditaments whatsoever in the county of the city of Coventr' to the uses specified in an Indenture between the same parties dated the 10 August last past [no. 1208]. Dated: 20 November, 12 Elizabeth [altered from 20 ?September, 13 Elizabeth]. Signed: Arth: Gregor' Seal on tag: circular, brown. Armorial, quarterly of six: i) two bars and in chief a lion passant (Gregory) ii) a saltire engrailed (Ashfordby) iii) a crescent iv) a lion rampant (Segrave) v) Ermine, a fess paly (Malyn) vi) two lions passant in pale (Dymock) Endorsed: i) Memorandum of livery of seisin in the presence of: Edmund Gregory, the writer thereof, Henry Brunt, bailiff of Stivechale, Henry Smythes, Thomas Botte and Robert Benet, bayly of Kyngeshull, William Gregorye of Asfordeby and Thomas Foxe of Asfordby and others ii) Talliatio omnium maneriorum et tenentium in comitatu civitatis Coventr' [AG]

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For date see Greg. Cart. f. 231-231v, and no. DR10/1215.