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Kingshill in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Copy of a release, (lease absent), being a conveyance from Joseph Parkes of Westminster, solicitor, at the request of Arthur Francis Gregory of Stivichall, esq., eldest son of Francis Gregory of the same, deceased, to Samuel Lord Bridport, Baron Bridport of Ireland and George Grote of London, banker, reciting a conveyance from the said Arthur Francis Gregory to the said Joseph Parkes, dated 20 February last, of the manor and lordship of Stivichall, alias Stichall, with its rectory, advowson, capital
messuage, other messuages and farm lands, and other lands (described below) in Stoneleigh, alias Stonely;

[T]o hold in trust for the said Arthur Francis Gregory, but, as regards the property in Stivichall, subject to several mortgage debts amounting to 9000 pounds, now vested in Thomas Edwards, James Montgomery and Thomas Berry Rowe by virtue of an assignment of 7 and 8 August 1823 [no.961] and also subject to an annuity of 200 pounds to Frances Gregory, widow, by virtue of a settlement dated 27 April 1791 [no. 952];

[A]nd also reciting indentures of lease and release of 21 and 22 February 1834, being a treaty for an intended marriage between the said Arthur Francis Gregory and Caroline Hood of Nottingham Place in the parish of Marylebone, co. Middx., spinster, whereby it was agreed that the said property in Stivichall should be settled according to the trusts therein expressed, and that the said property in Stoneleigh (described below) should be conveyed to the said Samuel Lord Bridport and Samuel Hood, in trust that after the said marriage they would sell or mortgage the same in order to discharge the debt of 9000 pounds.

It is now witnessed that, in consideration of the above agreements, the said Joseph Parkes and Arthur Francis Gregory convey to the said Samuel Lord Bridport and the said George Grote the following property:
a messuage with two closes of pasture called Broom Close and With the Pits,
two closes adjoining the same in the tenure of Thomas Harbourne,
two closes also adjoining called Broom Hill and Little Close, late in the tenure of the said Thomas Harbourne;
one other messuage, a close called Neat Hills divided into three parts and adjoining a ground late in the tenure of the said Thomas Phillips;
a close called Ling divided into three parts, several closes between Crosses House and the Lodge Leasures, Alderstone Meadow, late in the tenure of John Harbourne;
one other messuage, Upper Long Close, Nether Long Close, Broom Close, Pit Close, Greg Pool Close, late in the tenure of William Handcox;
one other messuage, two closes called Further Ground and Furze Close, one other close adjoining Finham Green, late in the tenure of Thomas Whitmore;
one other messuage with several parcels of ground, late in the tenure of Thomas Phillips;
one other messuage with the orchard adjoining, one other messuage with a little close adjoining and all other messuages belonging to the said Arthur Gregory in the lordship of Hill, alias Kingshill, late in the several occupations of Thomas Congrave, John Harris, Widow Harhone and Thomas Wilson;
a farmhouse called Hiling Hall Grange, a close of pasture belonging thereto called the Homestead Close;
also Calfs Close, Bailey Close, Mowing Close (lying between the two last mentioned), a little piece of meadow lying at the end of Nether Wood, all the land formerly enclosed in Fenham Field lying next Fenham Gate, all which said premises are situated in the parish of Stoneleigh;
three closes called Daniel Fields in Stoneleigh, late in the tenure of Abraham Dry ------ Ebourne and Arthur Gregory;
a close called Horse Close late in the tenure of Anthony Drake;
the doles in Fenham meadow, late in the tenure of Thomas Cross and since of Thomas Rhodes;
all the tithes of corn, grain and hay issuing from the said lands in Hill;
to hold to the said Samuel Lord Bridport and the said George Grote in trust that they will discharge the said sum of 9000 pounds charged on the property in Stivichall by sale or mortgage of the said property in Stoneleigh;

with the proviso that any such sale or mortgage shall be sanctioned by the said Arthur Francis Gregory.

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