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Droitwich deed


Lease and release, the release being a conveyance in trust, from Mary Watts and Anne Watts of Droitwich, spinsters, daughters and co-heirs of James Watts of the same, gent. deceased to John Talbott of Longford, Salop. esq. and others, trustees, of a messuage in the parish of St. Nicholas in Droitwich, late in the tenure of Edward Pardoe and then of Gilbert Wheeler, another messuage in the same parish in the tenure of Gilbert Wheeler, and a plot of land in the tenure of Widow Phillips and a building used as a sale [?salina] in Droitwich, in the tenure of James Watts. To hold the same in trust to place out and apprentice poor children of Chaddesley Corbett as Sir Robert Throckmorton should appoint.

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