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Legal cases - Gregory family


Statement, with draft, of a case concerning the vicarage of Corley for the opinion of Stephen Lushington; that the late vicar, William Wade, who died in January 1823, made an agreement with the parishioners of Corley to accept 190 pounds annually in lieu of tithes; that the present incumbent, Arthur William Gregory, submitted to the executors of the said William Wade a valuation of the delapidations to the vicarage amounting to 130 pounds; that the said Arthur William Gregory has received in part satisfaction of this, 60 pounds due to William Wade on his death in respect of the said tithes and rent from glebe; that the executor of the said William Wade is dissatisfied with this receipt of the said 60 pounds and requires that it should be made over to him for the settlement of debts. Stephen Lushington's opinion, dated at Doctors Commons on 27 May 1825, is that debts should be satisfied before delapidations, and therefore he advises Arthur Gregory to hand over the 60 pounds to Wade's executor.

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