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Compton Verney: early deeds


Confirmation by Sir John Murdak, lord of Compton Murdak, to John Jones of Compton Murdak, of his windmill at Compton with all associated tenements in Compton, for twelve years from Feast of St John last, reserving right of inspection for himself and the steward and bailiff of Compton when necessary.

Will supply carriage of large timbers required for necessary repairs, to be effected by John Jones. John Murdak also agrees to the carriage of millstones from ten leagues when necessary. For which grant John Jones will pay annually sixteen quarters of grain at the four usual terms, and to leave the windmill in good repair at the end of the term.

Warranty clause from Murdak and sureties for observance for Jones, viz: John Hauke of Compton Murdak, Robert Atteorchard, John Page and John Soul.
William Durvassal;
Henry Lucas;
Robert Lucas;
Richard Smith;
John Clerk and others

Dated at Compton Murdak Wednesday after the feast of St Peter ad Vincula, 17 Edward II