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Compton Verney: early deeds


Gift by William de ?Danville, with the assent and consent of his wife, to Roger Murdac and his heirs, for service and four silver marks, his demesne containing 24 acres lying along the Fosse beside the lands of Compton, paying 6d annually and one pound of pepper at Easter for all services.

Warranty clause Witnesses:
Peverell Beauchamp and Richard his son;
Ralph Butler ('pincerna');
Hugh of Chacombe;
Ralph son of Ralph;
Hubert Pictot and Eustace his son;
William son of Hugh;
Miles of Kineton;
Wido of Chaddesley;
Arnulf of Wellesbourne;
Geoffrey of 'Ov';
Gerald, chaplain;
Ralph of 'Petlig';
Robert Fleming;
Jordan son of Simon;
Hugh Norres;
Alan 'le' Norreis;
Richard Trusebut