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Compton Verney: early deeds


Agreement made at Compton Murdak, Tuesday in Easter week, 18 Edward, between William Murdak and William, son of Robert Durvassal, reciting that whereas William Murdak claims against William Durvassal for four quarters of grain, old measure, it is agreed between them that William Durvassal, in half of the demands of William Murdak, agrees for himself and his heirs, and quitclaims to the said William Murdak and his heirs, one quarter and one bushel of grain, new measure accustomed rent for one virgate of land in Compton Murdak, in lieu of two quarters old measure, payable annually at Michaelmas, and further releases to the said William Murdak and his heirs one halfpenny accustomed rent for Welton furlong in Compton, and all other services due, and the said William Murdak quitclaims to the said William Durvassal all his right in the said four quarters of grain.

Mutual bond to observe agreement in poenal sum of ten marks
Henry Mile;
Henry Spigernel;
Hugh Kynebell;
Walter Whitefield;
John Shepherd ('Pastor') and John Smith