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Compton Verney: early deeds. Compton Murdak, a release and quitclaim


Release and quitclaim by John Derlowe of Chesterton and Alice his wife, one of the daughters and heirs of William Wattes, late of Chesterton, to John Bele and Margery his wife, another daughter and co-heir of the said William Wattes and John Cokkes, son and heir of Joan, another daughter and co-heir, of all their right and claim in two tofts and one and a half virgates of land, with all appurtenances, late belonging to the said William Wattes in Compton Mordak, which John Warde now occupies.

One of which two tofts lies between the land of Richard Verney, esq., lord of Compton on one side, and the land of John Warde on the other;
the other toft lies between land of the said Richard Verney on both sides;
the virgate and a half of land lies in the fields of Compton.

Endorsed with clause stating that if Margery Bele or John Cokkes die without heirs, then the lands in question shall revert to Alice Derlowe and her heirs

John Comander,
Robert Ca[5 minims]vill of Chesterton,
John Warde of Compton Mordak,
Thomas Shawe of Warwick,
John Poers of the same and others

Dated at Compton Mordak, Monday after the feast of St Margaret the Virgin, 33 Henry VI