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Assignment in Trust: Halford


Assignment in Trust of the Red Lion in Halford. John Martin, of Dowell [Dowles?], Worcestershire, gent. of the first part, Anne Spicer of Halford, Warwickshire, widow and relict of Richard Spicer, late of Halford, innholder, deceased, and John of Howf Street, Fetter Lane, city of London, pewterer, son and heir apparent of the said Richard and Anne Spicer, of the second part, Thomas Blackborne of Halford, yeoman of the third part, and Mark Marshall of Honington, Warwickshire, yeoman, of the fourth part. Consideration £107 5s. Signed and sealed. Witnesses to Anne and John Spicer: John Ingram, Stephen Lord, Nath: Mason and Edmund Brooke. Witnesses to John Martin: Nath: Mason and C Magenis. Witnesses to Thomas Blackborne and Mark Marshall: Nath: Mason and Edward Horn___.