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Compton Verney: early deeds, Compton Murdak, an agreement


Agreement of Edmond Albon, dean of the college of Warwick and the chapter of the same with John Furnor of Chadshunt.

Reciting dispute between said Dean and Chapter and Sir Richard Verney, knight and Edmund Verney, esq. over arrears of £14 13s 4d rent for the farm of the parsonage of Compton Murdok, together with 50s arrears due on a bond of £40 from the said Richard and Edmund to John Suchwell, clerk, predecessor as dean of Albon, for the payment of 20s annually until the sum of £20 paid.

John Furnor is now bound by several obligations to the said dean and chapter for the payment, not only of these arrears, but also for 4 marks yearly for 3 years for the farm of the parsonage.

If these payments met, then the bond of Richard and Edmund Verney for £40, now in the possession of John Smyth of Coventry, shall be cancelled and after the term of 3 years, they to pay to the dean and chapter only 4 marks annually for the term specified in the agreement relating to the said farm.

Dated 8 June 22 Edward IV