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Mortgage: Kings Coughton


Mortgage from John Cresser of Coughton, chandler, to Mary Bovey of Kings Coughton in the parish of Alcester, widow of Joseph Bovey gent., deceased, and John Bovey of the same place, gent., of a messuage in Kings Coughton in Alcester, meadow land in fields called Madley's corner and Cockamore and pasture land called Lower Trench and Lean Hill together with other lands in Kings Coughton, formerly in the occupation of William Dewes and then of the said Mary and John Bovey all of which were conveyed to the said John Cresser by Mary and John Bovey, and Thomas Wylde esq., and Thomas Berkeley esq., as mortgagees of the said Mary and Thomas Bovey for £800, to secure the interest amounting to £16 p.a. on £300 of the said £800 to the said Mary and John Bovey, for the use of Joseph, Rebecca and Mary Bovey younger children of the said Joseph and Mary Bovey. Signed and sealed by John Cresser. Witnesses: Thomas Jones, Robert Hunt, and Francis Reeve. [James and The Bear Inn etc.]