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Leases: malthouse with cottage, yard and appurtenances in Greenhill St, and a messuage, shop and malthouse with yard etc. in Greenhill St


1-2. Lease for fourteen years and demise and confirmation from John Henry Archer of Edgbaston, maltster, of the first part, the same, and Charles Stanley of Keighley, Yorks, grocer, of the second part, to Walter Bailey of Stratford, carpenter and furniture dealer, of the third part, of a malthouse, with the cottage, yard and appurtenances belonging in Greenhill St, 6th June 1906, with consent of Helen C. Pearce, Jane E. Stanley, Charlotte A. Archer and Fanny M. Archer, daughters of John Archer of Stratford and annuitants under his will, for JHA and CH, trustees of the will of JA to so do, 1st June 1906. 3-5. Lease and counterpart from the parties as above with the consent of JHA's sisters as before, 10th April 1908, of a messuage, shop and malthouse with the yard, etc., at the corner of Greenhill St and Windsor St, 11th April 1908