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Probate will: Robert Ashfield of Stratford


ROBERT ASHFIELD of the Falcon Tavern (died 1819): probate of the will of Robert Ashfield of Stratford, made 19th January 1819, proved 15th May 1819, leaving his son, John, all his household furniture, implements of husbandry, stock of liquors and ale brewing utensils, clothes, linen, etc., on condition that he maintain and apprentice the younger children, George and Sarah. His daughter, Elizabeth was to have all the contents of the chamber over the kitchen of the Falcon Public House, Ashfield's residence. Enclosed: small booklet being the inventory of the household furniture, plate, stock in trade, etc., of the late Robert Ashfield of the Falcon Inn, 4th April 1819, enclosed in which are rough executors' account and jottings, undated, a printed letter from the Comptroller of the Legacy Duties at the Stamp-Office, Somerset Place, and legal account concerning the lease of the Falcon Inn in 1825.