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Assorted documents: relating to The Oddfellows Arms and properties in Winsdor St and Mansell St


Stratford: The Oddfellows Arms, in Windsor and Mansell Streets and other properties: 1. Inland Revenue: account of succession in real property of Martha, wife of Joseph Spencer of Ailsmore, Brailes, farmer, on the death of William Mansell (d. 1868), to The Oddfellows Arms in Windsor and Mansell Streets and the building opposite now used as a stable or cowshed, two messuages in Mansell St., and eleven messuages in Windsor St, 1870. 2. Agreement for the tenancy of the Odd Fellows Arms Inn between the agent for Joseph Spencer and Martha his wife, both of Norton near Chipping Campden, and Thomas W. Harklett of Stratford, law clerk, 16th July 1885. 3. Abstract of title of Austin Elliott Spencer of [Chipping Campden, farmer] and Robert Mansell [of Bishopton, farmer], to nos. 1-5 Windsor St and nos. 3 and 5 Mansell St (1864-1885), 1886. 4. Conveyance from Austin E. Spencer and Robert Mansell to William Eborall of Stratford, builder, of The Oddfellows Arms, with the appurtenances at the corner of Windsor and Mansell Streets, and nos. 1-5 Windsor St and nos. 3 and 5 Mansell St (marginal plan), 28th June 1886. 5. Lease from William Eborall of Stratford, formerly licensed victualler, but now out of business, to Edward Eborall of Stratford, licensed victualler, of The Oddfellows Arms, 1th June 1895. 6. Conveyance from Elizabeth Eborall of Stratford, widow, Francis Eborall of West Hackney, London, clerk of works and Edward Eborall of Stratford, licensed victualler, the trustees of the will of William Eborall, deceased, with the consent of John Greenway of Stratford, gent., to the said Edward Eborall, of nos. 1-4 Windsor St and nos. 3 and 5 Mansell St, with the garden ground adjoining, 31st December 1901. 7. Mortgage to secure £500 from Edward Eboralll to Sarah Merrell of Alcester, widow, of the properties as described in no 23/6, 13th January 1902, endorsed with memorandum that by an indenture of 22nd March 1907, the houses and garden ground in Mansell St were conveyed to William Eborall, to whom the title deeds may be produced. 8. Transfer of mortgage: there being £100 due to SM, she transfers the mortgage to John Slatter of Stratford, gent., 23rd January 1907. Endorsed with reconveyance to the executors of Edward Eborall, deceased, 18th August 1921.