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Wills and testamentary papers


Copy of the Will of George Lloyd, Welcombe Hall, near Stratford upon Avon, Esq., Codicil same date. Ø Estates (except trust estates) at Welcombe Hulme in Manchester to brother John Gamaliel Lloyd for life. Remainder to Ø Nephew Charles Thomas Warde, son of testator's sister Charlotte Rev. Thomas Warde, absolutely. Ø £10,000 to friends Charles Loudon, MD and John Morford Cottle, surgeon, both of Leamington, on trust to invest in government securities and use interest for university education and maintenance of said CT Warde during his minority, and to transfer whole sum to him at 21 Ø Further £2000 to Loudon Cottle to invest and pay interest for her life to sister Purefoy Lloyd. After her death, reverts to testator's residuary estate Ø £1000 to sister Charlotte Warde Ø All household goods and personal effects to brother John Gamaliel Lloyd Ø £50 each to trustees who are executors Codicil, same date Ø £50 to Joseph Calloway, testator's gamekeeper Ø Has agreed to purchase Clopton Estate for £14,000, and charges estates at Welcombe and Hulme with payment