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Compton Verney, early deeds: Probate copy of the will of Dame Ann Verney of Willington


Please note: This record relates to Ann (widow of William Gostwicke), who later married Sir Thomas Verney after the death of his first wife Alice. See also DR98/141a & b.

Probate copy of the will of Dame Ann Verney of Willington, Bedfordshire, widow of Sir Thomas Verney, knight, deceased.

To be buried in the chancel of the parish church of Willington, near to the grave of her late husband Sir Thomas Verney;
40d to high altar of parish church of Willington;

20d each to high altars of churches of 'Cople Reynolde' and 'Ravensden' in Bedfordshire;

to second son Robert Gostwicke:
8 cattle, 28 sheep, 12 lambs, best white ambling gelding, all goods in the chamber over the larder, excluding napery, all goods in chamber on east side of the gatehouse, 1 pair of fine sheets, 1 pair of coarse holland sheets, 5 pillowberes, best damask tablecloth in the chest in the chamber over the larder, great double damask towel (twoelle) 2 smaller damask towels, 2 diaper towels, 6 damask napkins, a great gilt salt without a cover, a basin of silver with a pipe, 2 gilt bottes [sic] of silver, 10 silver spoons with knobs with the letters A and E on, 2 silver drinking pots, a little gilt pot with a cover, a cushion of crimson velvet, one third of pewter, brasse, lastten and iron goods.

To son Timothy Verney:
4 cattle, all the stuff in the chamber called 'Mr Walton's chamber', all the stuff in the chamber called 'Peter Benton's chamber', all the stuff in the chamber under Peter Benton's chamber, 2 silver potts, a white silver goblet, 7 silver spoons, a salt of silver with antique head, 7 pair of sheets, 4 table cloths, one of which is diaper, a dozen diaper napkins, 2 dozen plain napkins, four pillowberes, two featherbeds in the 'wardrop', one third of pewter, brasse, lastten and iron goods.

To sister Hosgrave: 2 cattle, 2 pair of sheets, 2 palin table cloths, a diaper table cloth, a dozen palin napkins, a plain towel, a gown of damask.

To maid, Helen ('Helleyn') Davison: 2 cattle, 2 pair of sheets, a plain table cloth,

To servant John Smith: a cow and 10 shillings

To Jeffery Cowper: a cow

To sister Ley: a grey ambling gelding and 'my Marriage Ringe'

To Thomas Smythe of Marson: gold ring with a turquoise in it and a gold ring with a diamond to his wife

To all yeomen servants: their wages and 6s 8d each

To all maid servants: their wages and 5 shillings each

To Sir John Barneham, clerk: 30 shillings

To Sir William Peter, knight: £4 in 'olde golde'

Residue of goods to son and heir apparent, John Gostwicke, who sole executor.

Thomas Ley, esquire,
Edmund Hatheley,
Robert Gostwicke,
Edmund Pick
John Christopherson

John Barneham,
John Croker,
Robert Goodale

Proved in Prerogative Court of Canterbury 26 August 1563 by Robert Gostwick, John Gostwick the executor named having renounced.

Attached is grant by John Gostwicke of Willoughby, Bedfordshire, esq. to John Gostwicke of Marson, his brother, of all his personal estate, 31 August 1563. Signed 'John Gostwyke'

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