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[Julius Caesar]/[Translated from English by Vavilaila Vasudeva Sastri]

This 1876 translation of Julius Caesar by Vavilaila Vasudeva Sastri is considered to be the first published translation of a Shakespeare play into Telugu. The beginning of the publication has a curious fold out page in Telugu.

The preface is by the author is in English, where Vavilaila Vasudeva Sastri writes: “I believe this is the first attempt at translating an English Drama into the corresponding Tulugu Metre. Therefore, it is very necessary that I should be careful in selecting Telugu words of the English proper Names. I have tried to change them as little as possible, and, at the same time, to adapt them to the Telugu Tongue, subject thought to the requirements of the Metre. The Metre that is adopted is Theta Gita, in which each line is independent, and consists of five ganas, that, I say, it corresponds to the English Iambus where each line is composed of five feet; and in this metre only that all the English Plays are written...I have done my best to introduce Hindu customs and manners where I could; but, the advice of some to displace the Roman manners altogether came to me after I given the matter to press. If it be found practicable, I shall try to do so in the second edition. Unfortunately, I finished the translation in less than two months, and consequently, errors of different kinds may have crept into this volume, which excuse, I crave the indulgence of the critic. Any suggestions from learned hands as to the improvement of this will be thankfully received. I stand under great obligations to M.R.RY.C. Soobharayaloo Naidu Garu for the trouble he has taken in correcting the proof sheets as they came out form the press. 4th January 1875 Rajahmundri Innespetah V.V. Sastri”