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Solihull parish magazine

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Inscribed 'Richard Savage, Shakespeare's Birthplace - from Revd Canon Evans, M.A. 1890' in hand of richard Savage. Below this is a note, also in the hand of Richard Savage 'The four slips inserted as markers were placed by the late Mr John Hannett of Henley in Arden, to whom I lent the vol a little while before his death, to assist him in the reissue of his well known work "The Forest of Arden". He did not live to accomplish his wish. He died on Wedy morng April 12th 1893 aged 89 years was buried in Beaudesert Churchyard, Monday April 17th' RS The four paper markers ares still in place. Also loosely inserted are six reproductions of pen ink sketches of architectural details from ?Solihull church. All signed and dated 'RSC`1879'