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The works of Beaumont Fletcher : the text formed from a new collation of the early editions / with notes and a biographical memoir by Alexander Dyce.

Contents: v.1 Biographical memoir; Dedication c.; Commendatory poems; The woman-hater; Thierry and Theodoret; Philaster; The maid's tragedy. -- v.2 The faithful shepherdess; The Knight of the burning pestle; A king and no King; Cupid's revenge; The masque of the Inner-Temple and Gray's Inn; Four plays in one. -- v.3 The scornful lady; The coxcomb; The captain; The honest man's fortune; The little French lawyer. -- v.4 Wit at several weapons; Wit without money; The faithful friends; The widow; The custom of the country. -- v.5 Bonduca; The Knight of Malta; Valentinian; The laws of Candy; The Queen of Corinth. -- v.6 [Missing] -- v.7 Woman pleased; The woman's prize; The chances; Monsieur Thomas; The island princess. -- v.8 The pilgrim; The wild-goose chase; The prophetess; The sea-voyage; The Spanish curate. -- v.9 Beggar's bush; Love's cure; The maid in the mill; A wife for a month; Rule a wife and have a wife. -- v.10 The fair maid of the inn; The noble gentleman; The elder brother; The nice valour, or, The passionate madman; The bloody brother, or, Rollo, Duke of Normandy. -- v.11 The lover's progress; The night-walker, or, The little thief; Love's pilgrimage; The two noble kinsmen; Poems by Beaumont; Poems by Fletcher; Index to the notes.