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Some 300 fresh allusions to Shakspere from 1594 to 1694 A.D / gathered by members of the New Shakspere Society as a supplement to 'Shakespeare's Centurie of Prayse,' ed. 2, 1879 ; and edited by Fredk. J. Furnivall.

General note: General t.-p. (Allusions to Shakspere A.D. 1592-1693...) general table of contents including the Centurie of prayse and Chronological list of the allusions (xii p. in all) prefixed. "Table of Shakspere quartos, 1593-1685. From the New Shakspere Society's Transactions 1874, pt. 1, pp. 43-45. Comp. by F. G. Fleay": p. (xxi)-xxv. "Entries of Shakspere's works in the Stationers' registers 1593-1640 (Ed. Arber)": p. xxvii-xxxvi.