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Most briefe tables to knovv redily hovv manie ranckes of footemen armed with corslettes, as vnarmed, go to the making of a iust battaile, from an hundred vnto twentie thousand. Next a very easie, and approued way to arme a battaile with harkabuzers, and winges of horsemen according to the vse at these daies. Newlie increased, and largelie amplified both in the tables, as in the declarations of the same, by the aucthour himselfe. Girolamo Cataneo Novarese. Tourned out of Italian into English by H.G.

General note: H.G. = Henry Grantham?. A translation of: Modo di formare con prestezza le moderne battaglie di picche, archibugieri, et cavalleria. Signatures: A6 B-D4 E² F-H4 I². The last leaf is blank. Most copies are found as part 3 of "The arte of warre" by Niccolo` Machiavelli (STC 17166). Identified as part of STC 17166 on UMI microfilm reel 431. Quire I; lower corner mutilated and repaired throughout, occasionally slightly affecting text; Bound with Machiavelli, Niccolo. The arte of warre. [London : Thomas East for John Wight], 1588 UK-SuSCL Cited in: STC (2nd ed.), 4791 Format of surrogate: Microfilm. Ann Arbor, Mich.: University Microfilms International, 1947, 1950. 1 microfilm reel; 35mm. (Early English books, 1475-1640; 312:6, 431:6). Ownership and custodial history: From the library of Sir Thomas Phillipps; purchased at Sotheby's Phillipps sale, June 25th 1974 UK-SuSCL