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Shakespeare's sense of character : on the page and from the stage / [edited by] Yu Jin Ko and Michael W. Shurgot.

Contents: Pt. 1. Shakespearean persons. How dark was it in that room? Performing a scene Shakespeare never wrote / Michael Bristol -- Shakespearean characters and early modern subjectivity : the case of King Lear / Bruce W. Young -- What makes someone a character in Shakespeare? / William Flesch -- Wopsle's revenge, or, reading Hamlet as character in Great Expectations / James E. Berg -- Pt. 2. Character in action. Historicizing spontaneity : the illusion of the first time of "the illusion of the first time" / Cary M. Mazer -- (Re)historicizing spontaneity : original practices, Stanislavski, and characterization / Tiffany Stern -- Retracing Antonio : in search of the merchant of Venice / Diego Arciniegas -- Letting unpleasantness lie : counter-intuition and character in The Merchant of Venice / Brett Gamboa -- Iago : in following him I follow but myself / Dan Donohue -- "I lay with Cassio lately" : Iago's fantasy , the actor and audience response to Othello in 3.3 / Michael W. Shurgot -- Pt. 3. Beyond naturalism : then and now. Just do it : theory and practice in acting / Eunice Roberts -- Playing sodomites : gender and protean character in As You Like It / Lina Perkins Wilder -- "Stops" in the name of love : playing typological Iago / Travis Curtright -- Henry V's character conflict / James Wells.