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The whole booke of Psalmes collected into English meeter by T. Sternhold, I. Hopkins, W. Whitingham, and others, conferred with the Hebrue, with apt notes to sing them withall. Set forth and allowed to be song in all churches, of all the people together before and after morning and euening prayer, as also before and after sermons, moreouer in priuat houses, for their godly solace and comfort, laying apart all vngodly songes and ballads which tend onely to the nourishing of vice and corrupting of youth.

General note: Signatures: A-2M8. Lacks Y2-7, 2K3, part of 2M8; cropped at lower edge with loss of text; wormholes throughout, slightly affecting text; bound with: The Booke of Common Prayer ... 1596 UK-SuSCL Ownership and custodial history: Signatures ascribed to William Shakespeare on A8v, 2M6v and almost obscured on inside of back board; purchased 14 December 1992 from Sothebys, Lot. 11 UK-SuSCL Binding Information: Contemporary pasteboard, spine lost UK-SuSCL