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The subject of Elizabeth : authority, gender, and representation / Louis Montrose.

  • Author

    Montrose, Louis Adrian

  • Date published


  • Publisher

    Chicago ; London : University of Chicago Press, 2006.

  • Subject

    Elizabeth I, Queen of England 1533-160 Public opinion.

    Elizabeth I, Queen of England 1533-1603 In literature.

    Queens Great Britain Biography History and criticism

As a woman wielding public authority, Elizabeth I embodied a paradox at the very center of sixteenth-century patriarchal English society. Louis Montrose's long-awaited book, "The Subject of Elizabeth", illuminates the ways in which the Queen and her subjects variously exploited or obfuscated this contradiction. Montrose offers a masterful account of the texts, pictures, and performances in which the Queen was represented to her people, to her court, to foreign powers, and to Elizabeth herself. Retrieving this "Elizabethan imaginary" in all its richness and fascination, Montrose presents a sweeping new account of Elizabethan political culture. Along the way, he explores the representation of Elizabeth within the traditions of Tudor dynastic portraiture; explains the symbolic manipulation of Elizabeth's body by both supporters and enemies of her regime; and considers how Elizabeth's advancing age provided new occasions for misogynistic subversions of her royal charisma. This book, the remarkable product of two decades of study by one of our most respected Renaissance scholars, will be welcomed by all historians, literary scholars, and art historians of the period.