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Shakespeare and the ethics of appropriation / edited by Alexa Huang and Elizabeth Rivlin.

Introduction; Alexa Huang and Elizabeth Rivlin 1. Shakespearean Rhizomatics: Adaptation, Ethics, Value; Doug Lanier 2. Recognizing Shakespeare, Rethinking Fidelity: A Rhetoric and Ethics of Appropriation; Christy Desmet 3. Ethics and the Undead: Reading Shakespearean (Mis)appropriation in Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula; Adrian Streete 4. Adaptation Revoked: Knowledge, Ethics, and Trauma in Jane Smiley's A Thousand Acres; Elizabeth Rivlin 5. Double Jeopardy: Shakespeare and Prison Theater; Courtney Lehmann 6. Theatre Director as Unelected Representative: Sulayman Al-Bassam's Arab Shakespeare Trilogy; Margaret Litvin 7. A "whirl of aesthetic terminology": Swinburne, Shakespeare, and Ethical Criticism; Robert Sawyer 8. "Raw-Savage" Othello: The First Staged Japanese Adaptation of Othello (1903) and Japanese Colonialism; Yukari Yoshihara 9. The Bard in Bollywood: The Fraternal Nation and Shakespearean Adaptation in Hindi Cinema; Gitanjali Shahani and Brinda Charry 10. Multilingual Ethics in Henry V and Henry VIII; Ema Vyroubalova 11. In Other Words: Global Shakespearean Transformations; Sheila T. Cavanagh Afterword: "State of Exception": Forgetting Hamlet; Thomas Cartelli Appendix: For the Record: Interview with Sulayman Al-Bassam; Margaret Litvin