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Shakespeare and the power of the face / edited by James A. Knapp.

Introduction: Shakespeare and the power of the face / James A. Knapp -- Powerful faces. "Thy face is mine": faces and fascination in Shakespeare's plays / Sibylle Baumbach; Fashioning the face: embodiment and desire in early modern poetry / Farah Karim-Cooper; Facing marital cruelty in Shakespeare's The taming of the shrew and early modern London / Loreen Giese -- Signifying faces. The two faces of Othello / Sean Lawrence; Facing King Lear / David Goldstein; Complex complexions: the facial signification of the black other in lust's dominion / Vanessa Corredera -- Staged faces. "I knew by his face there was something in him": buried stage directions and authorial control / Catherine Loomis -- The play of looks: audience and the force of the early modern face / Penelope Woods; "The counterfeit presentment of two brothers": the power of portraits in Hamlet on film / Yolana Wassersug -- "This painting wherein you see me smeared": Francis Bacon, Coriolanus, and the brutality of facialization / Hillary Nunn and Aaron Hubbard -- Afterword / Michael Neill.