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Shakespeare's curse : the aphorias of ritual exclusion in early modern royal drama / Björn Quiring ; translated by Michael Wrinkler and Björn Quiring.

Contents: Richard III and the ostracized heritage of theatre -- Anne and the supplement of the eucharist -- Margaret and the excommunication of the old liturgy -- Edward IV, the oath and the performance of the social contract -- Hastings and the fateful prophecy -- Henry VI and the standing army of the dead -- Clarence and the diabolical allegory -- Buckingham and the grounds of theater -- King John and the ordeal of the bastard commodity -- King Lear and the naturalized state of exception -- Cordelia and the problem of equity -- Goneril and Regan in open nature -- Kent in internal banishment -- Edgar and the Benedictio Vacui -- The fool and the bonds of fate -- Storm still and the perpetual downfall of the last judgment.