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Hamlet on the couch : what Shakespeare taught Freud / James E. Groves.

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    Reading Room - 50.07 commentary/GRO

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    xiii, 216 pages ; 23 cm.

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Contents: Prologue -- Who's there?: a question of identity -- The ghost's commandment: 'Revenge my shame' -- Freud's "family romances": power and belonging -- 'Some vicious mole of nature': Bad or just unlucky? -- Mad for thy love: infected by the social emotions -- Rossencraft & Gilderstone: destiny's happy dupes -- The fair Ophelia: Truth or transference? -- 'Wild and whirling words': Freud's phobia, Dora's dream -- To be or not to be?: Conscience and the false self -- Hamlet writes the mousetrap: method acting and metatheater -- The double soliloquy: Freud's 'compulsion to repeat' -- A mirror in the queen's closet: the good enough mother -- The prince and his brothers: war, murder, and manhood -- 'Readiness is all. let be.': disillusion and the strength to bear it -- The final curtain: the ghost and the death instinct.