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Ano Reg. Iacobi, Regis Angl... primo, Scotiae xxxvii. At the Parliament begun ... in the first yeere of the raigne... continued vntil 1604, and prorogued vntil the 7 of Febr. following...

General note: A1 blank; lacks Hi-3, I4, I7, I8; contemporary MS. notes on C2v, C3r and v, C5r, C6r, G5r. UK-SuSCL Acts of Parliament from the session in the 1st year of the reign of James I. On back of front cover: "Johe-s Eston me iure tenet Anno Dom- 1647"; contemprary marginal notes on B2v, B3r and v, B4r, F2v UK-SuSCL Table of Statutes on A3r to A4v, followed by 'Table of Statutes not printed' on A5r to A6v. Item 4 Bound with England. Parliament. [Anno xxxv Reginae Elizabethae... 1593.] UK-SuSCL Bibliography, etc. note: STC 9500.15 variant Ownership and custodial history: Part of the Borough archives of Stratford-upon-Avon; Bookplate of the Corporation of Stratford-upon-Avon; Corporation Account Books refer to the purchase of sections of this volume. This volume purchased by Stratford Borough Council in 1604. "Paid to Mr Balief for a Statute Book of the statute enacted at the last Parliament October v 1604. xxiid. [c.f. BRU 4/1, f.127] UK-SuSCL Binding Information: Contemporary limp vellum, bound with four others UK-SuSCL