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RSC Performances

As You Like It

Stratford-upon-Avon Players tour to North America, 1913-14. USA unless stated otherwise. Plays performed were: As You Like It (AYL), Hamlet (HAM), Henry V (HE5), Henry IV part 2 (HF2), King John (KJO), The Merchant of Venice (MER), The Merry Wives of Windsor (MEW), Much Ado About Nothing (MUC), Othello (OTH), Richard II (RI2), Richard III (RI3), Romeo and Juliet (ROM), The Taming of the Shrew (TAM), Twelfth Night (TWE). 6-11 Oct, His Majesty's Theatre, Montreal, Canada; MUC, MER, ROM, TAM, RI2, AYL, TWE, HAM. 13-16 Oct, Russell Theatre, Ottawa, Canada; MER, TAM, RI2, ROM, HAM. 17-18 Oct, Grand Opera House, Kingston, Canada; TAM, AYL, HAM. 20-22 Oct; Grand Opera House, Hamilton, Canada; MER, HF2, HAM, ROM. 23-25 Oct, Grand Theatre, London, Canada; TAM, HF4, TWE, HAM. 27-30 Oct, Princess Theatre, Toronto, Canada; MUC, MER, RI2, HF2, ROM, TAM, AYL, HAM. 3-22 Nov, Blackstone Theater, Chicago, Illinois; MUC, MER, RI2, AYL, HF2, TAM, TWE, RI3, MEW, HAM, HE5, KJO, ROM, OTH. 24-29 October, Hartman Theater, Columbus; RI2, MER, TWE, HF2, MEW, AYL, HAM, MUC. 1-6 Dec, English's Theater, Indianapolis; TWE, RI2, MUC, HE5, MEW, AYL, RI3, HF2. 8-10 Dec, Powers' Theater, Grand Rapids, Michigan; HE5, MEW, AYL, HAM. 11-13 Dec, Valentine Theatre, Toledo, Ohio; MEW, AYL, HAM, HE5. 15-20 Dec, Detroit Opera House, Michigan; HE4, RI2, HF2, MEW, AYL, TAM, MUC, HAM. 22-27 Dec, Olympic Theatre, St Louis, Missouri; HE5, ROM, MEW, TAM, MUC, HAM, RI2, MER. 29 Dec-3 Jan 1914, Macauley's Theatre, Louisville, Kentucky; MUC, MEW, TAM, HF2, HE5, MER, RI2, AYL, HAM. 5-9 Jan, Princess Theatre, Toronto, Canada; KJO, ROM, MEW, HAM, TAM, HE5. 19-21 Jan, Empire Theatre, Syracuse, New York; HE5, AYL, TAM, HAM. 22-24 January, Lyceum Theatre, Rochester, Minnesota; HE5, HAM, AYL, TAM. 26-31 Jan, Star Theatre, Buffalo, New York; TAM, ROM, MEW, MER, HE5, MUC, AYL, HAM. 2-7 Feb, New Academy of Music, Baltimore, Maryland; TAM, ROM, MER, MEW, HE5, AYL, HAM, MUC. 9-11 Feb, Wells Theatre, Norfolk, Virginia; MER, MEW, RI3, AYL. 12-14 Feb, Academy of Music, Richmond, Virginia; HE5, MER, MEW, RI3. 16 Feb, academy of Music, Charlotte, North Carolina; MEW. 17 Feb, Columbia; MEW. 18 Feb, Grand Theatre, Augusta, Georgia, AYL, MEW. 19-21 Feb, Atlanta Theater, Atlanta, Georgia, MER, AYL, HAM, MEW. 23-24 Feb, Jefferson Theater, Birmingham, Alabama; TWE, MEW. 25-26 Feb, Vendome Theater, Nashville, Tennessee; HAM, AYL, MEW. 27-28 Feb, Lyceum Theater, Memphis, Tennessee; ROM, MER, MEW. 2-7 March, Tulane Theater, New Orleans, Louisiana, RI2, HF2, MEW, AYL, HAM, MER, OTH, AYL. 9-10 Mar, Grand Opera House, Galveston, Texas; MEW, MER. 11-12 March, Houston, Texas; MEW, AYL, MER. 13-14 March, Grand Opera House, San Antonio, Texas; MEW, RI3, MER. 16-17 March, El Paso Theatre, El Paso; MER, MEW. 20-21 March, Spreckels Theater, Windsor Park, San Diego, California, MEW, HE5, HAM. 23-28 March, Mason Theater, Los Angeles, California; MEW, HE5, MER, HF2, HAM, RI3, AYL. 30 March-11 April, Columbia Theatre, San Francisco, California; RI2, MER, TAM, MEW, HF2, AYL, HAM, ROM, HE5, MUC, TWE, RI3. 13 April, San Jose, California; MEW. 14 April, Stockton, California; MEW. 15 April, Sacramento, California, MEW. 16-18 April, Macdonough Theater, Oakland, California; MEW, ROM, HF4. 20-25 April, Heilig Theatre, Portland, Oregon; MEW, RI2, TAM, MER, MUC, AYL, HAM. 27 April-2 May, Metropolitan Theater, Seattle, Washington; MEW, RI2, MUC, AYL, MER, TWE, TAM. 4-5 May, Royal Victoria Theatre, Victoria, Canada; MEW, HAM, MER. 6-9 May, Avenue Theatre, Vancouver, Canada; MEW, HF4, ROM, MUC, MER, HAM. 11-13 May, Sherman Grand Theatre, Calgary, Canada; MEW, HAM, RI2, ROM. 14-16 May, Empire Theatre, Edmonton, Canada; MEW, TAM, MER, HAM. 18-19 May, Empire Theatre, Saskatoon, Canada; MEW, TAM. 21-23 May, Regina Theatre, Regina, Canada; MER, MUC, HE5, TAM. 25-30 May, Walker Theatre, Winnipeg, Canada. HE5, MEW, ROM, MER, TAM, MUC, AYL, HAM. 1-2 June, Orpheum Theatre, Fort William, Canada; MEW, MUC. No programme on file. Cast details taken from reviews in Theatre Records vol B45