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As You Like It

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Stratford-upon-Avon Festival Company, Third Transatlantic tour 1931-1932 5 October 1931-19 March 1932. Plays performed: As You Like It (AYL), Henry IV Part 1 (HF1), King Lear (KLE), Measure for Measure (MEA), The Merry Wives of Windsor (MEW), A Midsummer Night's Dream (MND), The Taming of the Shrew (TAM), Twelfth Night (TWE), The Winter's Tale (WIN). All venues in USA unless stated: 5-17 Oct, Tremont Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts; MEW, KLE, WIN, MEA, HF1, MND, TAM, AYL, TWE. 19-31 Oct, Broad Street Theatre, Philadelphia; MEW, KLE, WIN, TAM, MEA, AYL, HF1, MND, TWE. 2-7 Nov, National Theatre, Washington DC; MEW, KLE, HF1, Win, TWE, MND. 9-? Nov, Nixon Theatre, Pittsburgh; MEW, KLE, HF1, WIN, TWE, MND, AYL, TAM. 16-21 Nov, Ohio Theatre, Cleveland; MEW, WIN, HF1, TWE, MND, AYL, TAM. 24-29 Nov, Erlanger Grand Opera House, Cincinnati; MEW, WIN, HF1, KLE, TWE, MND, AYL, TAM. 30 Nov-5 Dec, American Theater, St Louis; MEW, KLE, WIN, HF1, TWE, MND, AYL, TAM. 7-12 Dec, Broadway Theatre, Denver, Colorado; MEW, KLE, WIN, HF1, TWE, MND, AYL, TAM. 14-17 Dec, Kingsbury Hall, Salt Lake City, Utah; TWE, KLE, AYL, HF1, MND. 21 Dec 1931-9 Jan 1932, Biltmore Theatre, Los Angeles, California; WIN, KLE, AYL, Tam, HF1, MEW, MND, TWE, MEA. 11-30 Jan, Columbia Theatre, San Francisco, California; WIN, KLE, TAM, AYL, HF1, MEW, TWE, MND, MEA. 4-6 Feb, Dufwin Theatre, Portland, Oregon; WIN, KLE, AYL, MND. 8-13 Feb, Metropolitan Theatre, Seattle, Washington; MND, KLE, WIN, MEA, TWE, AYL, TAM. 15-27 Feb, Vancouver Theatre, Vancouver, Canada; MEW, KLE, MND, TAM, AYL, TWE, HF1, WIN, MEA. 1-5 March, Walker Theatre, Winnipeg, Canada; TAM, MEA, AYL, KLE, WIN, MND, TWE. 8-19 March, Royal Alexandra Theatre, Toronto, Canada; KLE, TAM, TWE, HF1, MND, WIN, MEW, AYL, MEA.