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RSC Performances

As You Like It

Othello, As You Like It and Henry IV, Part 1 Tour. Venues: Jan 29-Feb 28, His Majesty's Theatre, Auckland, New Zealand; 2-14 March Theatre Royal, Christchurch, New Zealand (Othello and As You Like it only); 16-28 March, His Majesty's Theatre, Dunedin, New Zealand (Othello and As You Like it only); 30 March-18 April Grand Opera House, Wellington, New Zealand; 21 April-30 June Tivoli Theatre, Sydney, Australia; 22 June-4 July, His Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane, Australia (Othello and As You Like it only); 7 July-29 August, His Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne, Australia; 1-2 September Theatre Royal, Hobart, Australia (As You Like It only); 4-5 September National Theatre, Launceston, Australia (As You Like It only); 8-26 September, Theatre Royal, Adelaide, Australia; 29 September-15 October, His Majesty's Theatre, Perth, Australia. Roderick Horn, Thomas Kneebone, Barry Linehan and Roy Patrick appeared in New Zealand only. In Australia their parts were taken by David Cahill, Keith Coppard, Owen Evans and Brian Wallace.