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RSC Performances

The Comedy of Errors

Played at the Aldwych Theatre, London, for several performances in January and early February. With King Lear, went on tour to Europe and the United States of America. Venues: 17-18 Feb, Schiller-Theater, Berlin, Germany; 21-22 Feb, Smetana Theatre, Prague, Czechoslovakia; 25-28 Feb, Budapest, Hungary; 2-5 March, Belgrade, Yugoslavia; unknown dates in March, Bucharest, Romania; 13-17 March, Warsaw, Poland; 19-22 March, Helsinki, Finland; 23-30 March, Leningrad, USSR; 2-8 April, Moscow Arts Theatre, Moscow, USSR; 13-18 April, National Theatre, Washington, DC, USA; 20 April-3 May, Shubert Theatre, Boston, USA; 5-16 May, Philadelphia, USA; 18 May-6 June, New York State Theatre, New York, USA.