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    Royal Shakespeare Studio, Conference Hall, Stratford-upon-Avon

Experimental performances staged by the RSC. Not a public event. Excerpts from the following plays were performed: 16 October: Philoctetes (Sophocles), Antigone (Sophocles), Amphitro (Plautus), Abraham and Isaac (from various traditional miracle cycles), The Shepherd's Pageant (from various traditional sources), Doctory Faustus (Marlowe), Macbeth (Shakespeare), The Knight of the Burning Pestle (Beaumont), The Duchess of Malfi (Webster), The Alchemist (Jonson), Respice Finem (selection of 17th century prose), Tartuffe (Moliere), Purgatory (Yeats), Journey's End (Sherriff), The Fire-Raisers (Frisch), Chips with Everything (Wesker), The Caretaker (Pinter), Mother Courage (Brecht), a selection of verse, improvisation exercises, Conversation Sinfonetta (Tardieu), and Source for the Theatre of Cruelty in Rehearsal for Stratford's Music Hall. 17 October: He Who Gets Slapped (Andreyev), A Month in the Country (Turgenev), Uncle Vanya (Chekhov), The Inspector General (Gogol), The Three Sisters (Chekhov, The Proposal (Chekhov). Full casts have not been indexed but only names of performers, authors and creative teams.