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RSC Performances

King Lear

Performed at the Aldwych 11-13 Feb, then, with The Comedy of Errors, went on tour to Europe and the United States of America. Venues: 17-18 Feb, Schiller-Theater, Berlin, Germany; 21-22 Feb, Smetana Theatre, Prague, Czechoslovakia; 25-28 Feb, Budapest, Hungary; 2-5 March, Belgrade, Yugoslavia; unknown dates in March, Bucharest, Romania; 13-17 March, Warsaw, Poland; 19-22 March, Helsinki, Finland; 23-30 March, Leningrad, USSR; 2-8 April, Moscow Arts Theatre, Moscow, USSR; 13-18 April, National Theatre, Washington, DC, USA; 20 April-3 May, Shubert Theatre, Boston, USA; 5-16 May, Philadelphia, USA; 18 May-6 June, New York State Theatre, New York, USA.